How is vegetarianism good for health?

What is vegetarian food?

Vegetarian food is prepared without meat or products derived from any animal species (eg milk, eggs, honey, fish sauce, gelatin, collagen) and not flavored with vegetables such as garlic, onions (all kinds), chives, and coriander. Affect the elements in the body Some believe that these vegetables increase lust or come from the blood of animals according to Chinese mythology. Make vegetarian food without a fishy smell When eating meat Causing vegetarians to turn to natural grains to obtain protein which mainly include Mainly soy products.
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Why do you need to wash your stomach?

Vegetarian gastric lavage is to occur 1-2 days before the start of the vegetarian festival. Most of the people like to wash the stomach one day before the actual vegetarian diet to wash off the meat.

Why do you have to eat vegetarian?

We can divide the purpose of vegetarianism into 3 types: healthy eating. eat with kindness and eat to avoid karma In which each individual will have a different purpose in vegetarianism. The details are as follows.

  1. Eat healthy If you see that vegetarian food is a type of homeopathic food When eaten continuously for a period of time, it will cause the body to adjust to a state of balance because mainly eating vegetables can drive toxic waste from the body. It can also adjust the circulatory system. Stabilize the digestive system.
  2. Eat with kindness because the food we eat in our daily life It consists of the flesh and blood of animals. A compassionate person will try to reduce, refrain from eating meat. Because there is an idea that living beings have minds and, most importantly, are afraid of death just like people.
  3. Eat to abstain from karma because the meat that we eat every day is slaughtered for the blood of that animal to eat. even though he wasn’t the one who killed himself Buying from others is like hiring a killer, because if there is no one to eat, then no one kills to sell. This created karma will soon follow us, shortening our physical health and lifespan, being the source of disease. When the seer knew about this law of karma, he stopped eating, stopped killing and turned to vegetarian food.

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Vegetarian, what do you not eat?

  1. Abstain from meat and do not harm animals.
  2. Avoid strong-smelling vegetables or spices such as garlic, onions, scallions, chives (chinese garlic), chives, and tobacco leaves. Various intoxicants because of these vegetables It is a heavy vegetable. This is because the strong smelling spice destroys the five elemental energy in the body, causing the five main organs to malfunction.
  3. Refrain from drinking alcohol and all kinds of intoxicants.

How to behave while eating vegetarian

  1. Cleanse the body throughout the festival of fasting to eat vegetables.
  2. Clean kitchen utensils and use separate portions for non-vegetarians.
  3. You should wear white clothes during the festival of fasting to eat vegetables.
  4. Good behavior both physically and mentally
  5. Prohibition of having sex during the festival of Yom Kippur
  6. Those who are in mourning should not participate in the fasting tradition of eating vegetables.
  7. Pregnant women are advised not to watch any rituals during the festival of Yom Kippur.
  8. Menstruating women should not participate in any rituals during the Vegetation Festival.

The benefits of vegetarianism

  1. The body can excrete all waste products. Because during the vegetarian diet. It will cleanse the toxins that remain in the body because the nutrients from vegetables and fruits will help the digestive system and digestion to be normal.
  2. When eating vegetarian food or abstaining from meat for a long time. The body will adjust to get used to it more decay more slowly make longevity have fresh, radiant skin Healthy body, feeling healthy.
  3. The main internal organs are strong and function perfectly normal.
  4. The body can be resistant to various toxins due to the nutrients in vegetables. It helps cells in the body to be able to withstand the damage caused by various radiation.
  5. Vegetarianism causes mercy have peace The temperament is not angry, not easily angered. Which will help support and promote the prestige of Dharma more and more.
  6. Stop the creation of sin, karma, cause no malice. So there is no enemies of both humans and animals who intend to harm them.

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