How do “fat people” start exercising to be appropriate?

How do “fat people” start exercising to be appropriate?
How do “fat people” start exercising to be appropriate?

Are we “fat” yet ?

You can call yourself a fat person. When we are overweight It can be measured by calculating a BMI or BMI greater than 30 is called obesity. but if a group with a BMI greater than 25 is an overweight group should be especially careful.
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How to calculate BMI

For example, if you weigh 60 kg and your height is 155 cm.

Body mass index (BMI) = 60 ÷ (1.55) to the power of 2

Body Mass Index (BMI) = 24.97

How to exercise suitable for obese people

  • Physical examination before exercise

Obese people are at high risk of developing underlying diseases. Anyone who thinks that they have never had any disease before It does not mean that they do not have any underlying disease. If you’ve never been to a doctor You may not even know that you have a congenital disease that you should be aware of. but has not shown symptoms to be seen only

Therefore, physical examination before starting to exercise This is the beginning of knowing our own “limits” of what we can do. or not? If you have a congenital heart, respiratory, musculoskeletal, or blood pressure disorder , you may want to consult a sports scientist or those who supervise the exercise program.

  1. Always warm up before exercising

An important part that many people tend to overlook. is to warm the body or to warm up before exercising every time is very important to prevent injuries that occur during or after exercise This can be done by stretching the entire muscle 5-10 minutes before exercise.

How to warm up
  • Stand with knees raised in front, alternating left and right legs for 2 minutes.
  • Front and back straight leg kicks, alternating left and right, 2 minutes
  • Turn the body sideways, left, right, alternating slowly for 1 minute.
  • Arms parallel to shoulders Shut up and unfold. Do it slowly, not pulling it for 2 minutes.
Muscle stretching ( Stretching)
  • Back thigh stretch Place one heel in front of you and slowly bend down to touch the shin-toe. Hold for 20 seconds. Alternate left and right 3-5 times.
  • Stretch the front thighs. Stand with knees folded. Hands pull legs back. Hold for 20 seconds. Alternate left and right 3-5 times.
  • Hip stretch, sit on the seat Place one foot on the other thigh as a number 4 (like cross-legged) and bend down in front of you. Hold for 20 seconds. Alternate left and right 3-5 times.

Do both cardio exercises and lifting weights training

From below of happy young Asian male trainer motivating exhausted young female client to to cardio fat burning exercise on elliptical machine in modern sport club
Although cardio exercises are “mind” exercises that allow the heart muscle to work more. Plus the body as a whole burns fat. and excess energy It’s an exercise for weight loss, but weight training is an exercise to strengthen your muscles. This will help us cardio more efficiently.

Fat burning exercises or cardio that are suitable for obese people
  • brisk walking
  • ride a bike
  • swim

including other activities That makes the body move continuously for 20 minutes or more and the heart rate is in the zone 2 (heart beats about 60-70% of the maximum heart rate. or simple calculation (220 – age) x 60)

After the first day, gradually increase the days of exercise and control 3-5 days a week. or accumulate 150 minutes of exercise time per week

How to do weight training exercises

In people who have a large body or want to lose fat Building muscle is another important point. Think of muscle as a fat burner. The more muscles, the more The more it increases the burning of fat only. And strong muscles help us to do activities longer.