White Kwao Krua And Properties To Nourish Women’s Health

Kwao Krua
Kwao Krua

Can white Kwao Krua really increase breast size?

Properties for breast enlargement are properties that many sellers advertise about Pueraria Mirifica products. Both in pill form and cream for massage or apply to the breasts. In addition, some sellers also say that white Kwao Krua also helps tighten the chest, not sagging. But there are currently no scientific studies confirming these properties.

The seller infers from a component of white pueraria known as phytoestrogens. (Phytoestrogen) that acts similar to the hormone estrogen in the body. Because originally the growth of breast size in girls of puberty was partly caused by the increase in estrogen in the body. But naturally, breasts will stop growing at the age of 18.

However, the enlargement of breasts in adolescent boys is due to the body’s natural processes resulting from self-care and genetics.

Hormone-like substances interfere with natural growth for cosmetic purposes without consulting a doctor. May interfere with natural hormones and growth of the body. which can have dangerous consequences such as increasing the risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer

Facts about Pueraria Krua Benefits for Women’s Health

Although white Kwao Krua is not able to increase the size and help firm the breasts.

Relieve symptoms in menopause

The body of a postmenopausal woman produces significantly less sex hormones and certain hormones. Especially the hormone estrogen (Estrogens), which hormone deficiency during menopause can cause hot flashes in the body, vaginal dryness and irregular menstruation. These symptoms affect both physical and emotional conditions. including living a lot

Phytoestrogens or plant substances that act similarly to the female hormone estrogen. May be used to replace the hormone estrogen that the body produces less. Therefore, it may be beneficial for people who are dealing with menopause symptoms.

One small study tested the efficacy of Kwao Kruea for relieving symptoms of menopause in 52 women undergoing a hysterectomy. Participants were given a white Kwao Krua supplement for 6 months. The Climacteric Scale was used as a measure of the symptoms of menopause. If the value is large, the symptoms are intense or severe.

After the study, participants had a lower Climacteric Scale score compared to before the trial. The experimenters therefore speculated that Pueraria Kruea extract in dietary supplement form might have a beneficial effect on menopause in one way or another.

Reduce the risk of osteoporosis

In addition to its properties to relieve symptoms of menopause overall. Some scientists believe that with the action of phytoestrogens, it may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and postmenopausal conditions (Postmenopause) Yes

Decreased estrogen affects the absorption and maintenance of minerals in the bones. Women in that age group are therefore more susceptible to osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

Risks to be aware of and how to use white Kwao Krua safely

This is due to the lack of proven benefits and side effects of this medicinal plant. Therefore, there may be a risk of side effects from using it.

  • You should consult your doctor before using Pueraria Mirifica supplements.
  • Pregnant mother or during breastfeeding Should avoid using Pueraria Mirifica supplements.
  • Avoid buying Pueraria Mirifica products for external use. For example, creams and soaps advertised as helping to increase breast size, tighten breasts, treat melasma, or help whiten skin. because there is currently no scientific evidence to support which products may contain hazardous chemicals like mercury and steroids
  • Avoid buying or using any type of Pueraria Mirifica products advertised on social media or websites.
    Always buy white Kwao Kruea products that are certified for safety by the FDA. And check the product registration number on the website of the agency to prevent the product wearing the product registration number.
  • O Food supplements white markers. Only after passing the examination and with the consent of the doctor and use as prescribed by a doctor or specialist Because the amount used varies according to the nature of the symptoms and the level of hormones in the body.