Brisk Walking, Exercise For People Of All Ages Anyone Can Do It

Brisk Walking, Exercise For People Of All Ages Anyone Can Do It
Brisk Walking, Exercise For People Of All Ages Anyone Can Do It

Brisk walking is an easy activity. Just increase the speed from normal walking and increase the duration of walking for continuous exercise. Brisk walking tends to get tired more slowly than other types of exercise, and it’s also good for people with joint and bone problems.

Why brisk walking is good for everyone

As has been said Brisk walking is simply adding speed and distance or duration to walking. not so tired In addition, brisk walking is a low-impact exercise compared to other exercises such as running and sports that require jumping or moving quickly. causing shock to the bones and joints

Exposure to shock may increase your risk of injury. especially in the elderly This is the age when the bones begin to become fragile. and those who are overweight Because the weight increases the intensity of the impact. resulting in bones and joints for common people Brisk walking may also help reduce the severity of exercise injuries in the event of an accident.
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in terms of cost Brisk walking is considered a very satisfying exercise. Because the only equipment needed is sports shoes or shoes for exercise only. Because wearing the right shoes will help you move more comfortably and reduce shock. brisk walking can walk anywhere either along the sidewalk in the neighborhood or in the park but should consider safety as the main.

Although brisk walking is a low-impact exercise. Therefore, it may take more exercise to get your heart rate up to the proper level. But, if done regularly at the right frequency, it may improve your health and boost your metabolism, just like other strenuous exercises. Regular cardio exercises such as high speeds can have health benefits in the following areas:

  • Reduce body weight that causes obesity and premature degeneration of joints.
    reduce body fat Helps reduce the proportion caused by accumulated fat and reduce the risk of diseases caused by fat, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, etc.
  • Increase muscle and joint strength Therefore, it is beneficial for the elderly who often have mobility problems. and help to move the body more fluently
    Relieve or reduce general health problems such as insomnia, irritability, dullness and accumulated stress, etc.
  • Help control the symptoms of the disease in the event that there is a pre-existing disease such as heart disease patients. diabetic and patients with bone and joint disease
    These benefits are supported by a large amount of scientific data and research. Walking briskly may improve both physical and mental health as well. But exercise is only part of being healthy. Therefore, you should take care of yourself in other ways as well.

Walking vs Running, which exercise is better?

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Although both exercises fall under the same cardio category. But there are different advantages and disadvantages, for example, brisk walking burns less energy than running when taking the same amount of time. But it comes with a level of exhaustion that many people can accept. More friendly to bones and joints especially in people at risk and less severe injuries from accidents, etc.

So whether it’s brisk walking or running Choosing an exercise method should look at the suitability of many things, such as your own fitness goals. What exercise do you want? Is it suitable for age and health problems, etc.