What is IPTV? What are the IPTV Features?

What is IPTV? What are the IPTV Features?
What is IPTV? What are the IPTV Features?

Technology is renewing itself day by day, making human life easier. One of the best examples to be given is the IPTV system. Offering different privileges from each other, IPTV is an invention beyond dreams. This system, which is called the greatest invention in the history of television, has created great excitement from the moment it emerged.

In the process from the past to the present, the transition to the period in which the television will be most efficient has been made and the dependency on the computer has been eliminated. Every technological development arouses great curiosity and surprises people, and the invention of the IP TV system sounds like a very strange development.

Historical Development of TV

The history of humanity has witnessed different inventions and inventions. Television, which is one of them, has constantly renewed itself in the process from the date of its invention to the present day. With each passing time, new features have been added to the television and it has been continuously improved. Before answering those who are wondering what IP TV is, it is useful to talk about the invention of television and how it has come to this day.

The invention of Television: Television was invented in 1923 by John Logie Baird, who lived in the United Kingdom. The publication took an average of 3 years and the first viewing by the owner of the invention was in 1926. Television has a shaky image in its first broadcast. John Logie Baird has improved television day by day.
The Development Process of Television: The invention of television has made a big impact, and it has now been passed to the production phase for the use of more people. When the data showed 1930, the black and white television started to be sold on the electronic goods list for the first time. Televisions, which started to be consumed rapidly, started to take their place in the homes of most of the developed countries. In 1940, various studies were carried out for the production of color televisions and in 1950, color television sales began.
Today’s Television: Technological developments have brought smart features to televisions, and televisions have many features today. Internet-connected platforms can be watched on television via the Internet. Likewise, directions can be made via smartphones and televisions. The latest point of today’s technology is the invention of IP TV.

IP Combination with TV

Technology is constantly renewing itself, some studies are also carried out on television. As a result of the combination of TV and IP, a system beyond human imagination was created. IP addresses are unique addresses like fingerprints. Televisions, computers, and tablets have their IP addresses. If you say what is IP tv, it is the expression of the connection between the device and the internet with numerical numbers. Today, this feature is combined with television to produce great results. Things like how to get IPTV and how it is installed after receiving it are also a matter of curiosity.

What is IPTV?

This system, which brings IP features to televisions, now provides personalized service. It’s up to you to create the television of your dreams. While the news, series, and programs on television are connected to a certain stream, you now determine this broadcast stream with IP tv. What is this definition of IPTV? It is the most correct answer that can be given to your question. Although this invention did not seem very close to reality when it was first heard, the IP TV feature has now been used by many consumers. It now provides personalized service on televisions, such as computers, tablets, and phones.

What are the Advantages of IPTV?

While television creates an advantage on its own, IP TV doubles these advantages. The biggest advantage is that it is individual. While watching the news, you can watch the news on television in the style you want by coding which news you want to watch with the keyword. While television keeps you connected, IPTV does the opposite. By determining the television channels and what you want to watch, broadcasting is carried out from the television only in line with your wishes.

IPTV Makes Dreams Come True

IP TV, which was a dream product, has now become a reality. While watching the match of your favorite team on television, would you like to make a joint connection with your friends over the television and evaluate the match by using video and audio chat elements? You may think it’s a dream, but IP TV has made it a reality. Yes, now you can watch what you want from the other half of the screen while being put on the television with the person you want.

IPTV Installation

What is IPTV? After the question, how to set up IPTV is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is installed by transferring it to the m3u extension TV list to the IP tv box. However, each type of IP TV has a different installation variety within itself. Therefore, the type of IPTV you buy should be learned and installed accordingly. It is important to get technical support, as incorrect installation will cause the system to not work.

IPTV Broadcasting Standards

IP TV, which works by connecting to the internet instead of satellite, What is IPTV? It is an answer to your question. This television feature, which works with the internet infrastructure, requires a strong internet infrastructure. If your internet is weak, there will be a TV connection problem and it causes the watched broadcasts to be opened late. RTÜK shared regulations and legal obligations along with IPTV broadcasting standards. In Turkey, IPTV should be used with the laws determined within these broadcasting standards.

Types of IPTV

With a few different features, IPTV types are divided into types among themselves. One of them is on-demand broadcasts and channels. These publications are optionally used for a fee. The best examples of these are applications such as YouTube, BLUTV, Netflix. In the IP TV time-lapse type, the missed broadcasts can be watched again. This timeless variety is one of the most preferred varieties. If you want to buy an IP tv and want to connect with your smartphones and computers, you can do this with the IPTV Pro variant.

How Does IPTV Work?

How does IP TV work, what are its methods, while traditional televisions work with the reception sent to the television by sending waves over the air with antenna and satellite? The first answer to your question is the internet. IPTV, which works completely with the internet, is not fully connected to the internet and high capacity internet should be used.

Since live programs are broadcast live, they are included in the broadcast stream, but series and programs need to be stored for later viewing. More storage space is needed to watch more tv. If you want to buy IP TV, the storage area should be considered.