What is AKN? What Does AKN Do?

What is AKN? What Does AKN Do?
What is AKN? What Does AKN Do?

The biggest demand of everyone using the internet is to be able to use an internet that has no quota, limit, and interruption. Telecommunication companies have been meeting this demand to some extent in recent years, with packages specially created for these needs of their customers. Despite this, many users cannot receive these services, or even if they do, they may encounter obstacles such as AKN at a certain point.


The first of these regulations, which hinders users at some point, is known as AKN or AKK. The AKN application causes the internet speed of its users to drop rapidly at one point. You can find all the details of the AKN regulation, which affects every internet user, in this article. Explain why the Internet service you are using is slow and “ What is AKN? You can easily learn the answer to the question “.

This regulation, namely AKN, is known as “fair use point” or ” fair use quota “, that is, AKK. The main purpose of this application is to relieve the data traffic on the servers. What is AKN may be wondered by everyone who uses the internet from time to time. In its simplest form, AKN can be defined as an arrangement developed to prevent the heavy traffic created by the users on the servers from creating a technical problem.

What Does AKN Do?

Although AKN applications are not liked by Internet users, they enable all users to access equal Internet service. In this way, while providing maximum and equal service, a healthy and secure data distribution is made. This application, which ensures that all Internet users receive equal quality service, ensures that all Internet users use this service at the same time and that there is no disruption in the possible scenario.

Every user wonders “ What does AKN do ?” The answer to the question is; It can be given as an application developed for all users to receive the best service. Most of the packages offered by telecommunication companies have a download quota for Internet users. If the download, that is, the data download limit specified in this quota, is exceeded, the AKN exceeds. Internet speed slows down a certain amount.

How is AKN Determined?

More than 90% of Internet users in Turkey have a service package with a quota. Even if these packages offered by telecommunication companies are called ” Unlimited Internet “, the speed slows down after a certain quota. In this case, it means that you do not get exactly unlimited Internet service. Packages in this industry are usually available in 25GB, 50GB, 75GB, 100GB, or 200GB sizes.

As a user, all the operations you do on the Internet, such as watching movies, surfing social media, listening to music, downloading programs or documents, have a certain download value. When the sum of these transactions, which have different download values, exceeds the quota in your package, your Internet speed will automatically decrease. This speed reduction tariff is only valid in the months when you exceed the AKN quota.

This regulation, also called AKN overshoot, occurs only when users exceed the quota within the month they are in. In the next month, you can return to the speed in the package offered by the telecommunications company. Although the decrease in speeds may be perceived as negative, the AKN internet application ensures that all users receive uninterrupted and efficient service.

What Does Unlimited Internet Mean?

Unlimited Internet refers to the unlimited use of the Internet without interruption. People who receive unlimited Internet service can use this service without any quota. The quota here covers the ability to trade without any data limit. The Unlimited Internet plan allows you to make unlimited data transactions, but at the same time, the Internet speed is reduced to a certain quota.