ProShares to Launch First US ETF For Shorting BTC

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The Securities Exchange Commission of Mauritius (SEC) has granted a provisional approval to the launch and operationalisation of an Unobligated Clearing Facility in respect of short selling bitcoin within certain territories such as the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia.

The ‘Short-to-Trade’ facility will be used by foreign entities wishing to hedge against potential losses when trading bitcoin using our exchange products or services and/or engage us to perform any other activity which would otherwise have taken place under the existing derivatives contracts mentioned in this press release. This facility is being made available with consideration to ensure orderly settlement of transactions and protects from market volatility and technical disruptions resulting from factors beyond control of such participants. As part of these activities, we expect no significant cost savings for users and believe that our trading fees will remain at the level of previous contracts.

This new facility will allow persons who wish to execute short positions on btc (Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin) to do so without a requirement to be licensed by an Authorised Market Operator (AMO). We are seeking to work with reputable crypto exchanges and institutions from around the world to enable it for their clients.

The SEC’s Acting Chairman, Professor Joseph M. Gagnon said: “I am pleased by the successful completion of the first round of public comment on this initiative which was open to the public until November 25, 2020. Over the past four months, however, I have been impressed by the great response to the announcement of this facility from both local and international investors, operators and traders. I look forward to hearing feedback from you all soon”.

BMO Capital Markets Limited will provide execution and clearing services. It will operate the futures and options contracts; and also offer a range of other trading and clearing functions. Other terms and conditions will apply to the service on behalf of BMO.

BMO Capital Markets Limited will act as dealer manager and custodian of the underlying assets in order to protect them from fraud and misappropriation. In accordance with applicable securities laws, they shall take all necessary steps to meet regulatory requirements where transactions involving cryptocurrencies will be executed.

BMO Capital Markets Limited will work closely with relevant regulators and AMOs and its customers to monitor compliance with rules and regulation and, subject to legal requirements, update it accordingly.

The Company believes that cryptocurrency has the power to create economic opportunity, facilitate fair trade, and empower individuals and businesses. BMO believes that cryptocurrency can play a role in building digital currency infrastructure, enabling greater transparency, innovation and competition. According to Chief Executive Officer William McDougall, the Group sees itself as shaping the future of finance through innovative technology, product leadership, industry expertise, best-in-class customer experiences and disciplined risk management.

He added: “We are extremely privileged to have already completed our initial coin offering (ICO) and now we are working with BMO to bring together two complementary groups: financial experts and blockchain innovators. Our aim is to develop innovative products which leverage synergies between our strengths and draw upon the combined global resources provided by our parent company, along with the expertise obtained globally from many years of investing experience and knowledge”.

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For further information please contact BMO Investors Relations team members – Alexandra Scholz, Head of Investor Services, +1 604 895 8002, [email protected] or Simon Rogers, Head of Media & Publicity, +44 207 763 8123, [email protected]. Further details regarding investment opportunities are available at BMO Capital Markets website

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